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The Daily Telegraph’s offices around 1969, when Fleet Street in London was full of newspaper offices. Credit...Getty Images



For serious readers, any offering by Paul Bannister is a double treat - yes, we are definitely entertained, but we also get educated in an entertaining way.

Duke of Dana Point

Author Paul Bannister has again demonstrated his outstanding research abilities to reach back into dim ages and vividly describe, in detail, as it was. Whereas the book is fiction, it is a tour de force in well researched historic detail.



The books of this series are an education. True, they are fiction, e.g., the involvement of Carausius at Milvian Bridge, but heavily based on not only significant military events, but rich in definitive descriptions of the locales, military and civilian, e.g., Rome is brought to life.


In The Press


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A recovering journalist who worked for national publications on both sides of the Atlantic, Englishman Paul Bannister was the senior reporter at the National Enquirer and the tabloid's top specialist in tales of the psychic, a post that took him to 40 countries to interview all kinds of people, from a spirit healer in Iceland to a witch doctor in Brazil. On assignment, Bannister has been menaced by a ghost, shot at by a gunman, endangered by Michael Jackson, booted by Gidget, and groomed by a gorilla. With a lifelong interest in rugby, bicycle racing, and his wife Jennie, he currently resides in Oregon, where he began writing historical fiction in 2012. He is the author of the Forgotten Emperor and Crusader historical fiction series, and his latest release, Press Gang, dives into stories from the heroes of Fleet Street.

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